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Europe Day 23: El Último Día

Monday, June 27 Destiny doesn’t always give us the answer we want.  If we’d had our way, we would have been in a bus all day, arriving in Bossóst in time for dinner and then travel with our friend Peter to his house in the south of France.  I reached out to him and told…

Europe Day 22: Flamenco

Sunday, June 26 Mom had scoured Madrid for the perfect church.  “You’re not even going to understand the service,” I said, “So I’d go to the coolest one possible.”  She found a nice, old church on the way to Plaza Mayor that had a service at an hour that suited her.  We left that morning…

Europe Day 21: Toledo

Saturday, June 25 How wonderful to have air conditioning again.  How wonderful to have more than a single, shoddy pillow.  How wonderful to have a full-sized shower!  Three weeks of living in the flat in Madrid paled in comparison to the luxury of our Air BNB.  Mom and I left our new apartment on foot,…

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