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Adopt a Donkey

Freethought Farm is home to nine miniature Mediterranean donkeys.  Cosmo and Julie, the original pair, have been living here for 25 years or more and when I took over the farm, I promised Gayle that I would take care of them and their herd. Like many things on the farm, the care of the donkeysContinue reading “Adopt a Donkey”

The Taming of the Donkeys

A small man who doesn’t smile even when he’s happy, Chief’s first arrival at the farm was a godsend.    The first farrier service was like a rodeo, complete with lasso roping and bucking animals.  Miraculously, no one was hurt, but Chief made no uncertain terms:  “You’ve got to get these donkeys used to people.  PutContinue reading “The Taming of the Donkeys”

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