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When I was young, my parents rented out an old plantation house surrounded by a dairy farm called D&D Diary.  It was so called, not because of any relationship to the game that I’ve enjoyed my entire adult life, but because the two men who ran the place were called Dale and Doyle.  They wereContinue reading “Fencing”

The Year of Chickens

When we lived out on a farm in Lincoln County in the mid 80’s, the farmer gave us a couple of chicks.  They started out as adorable yellow puffs and turned into dove-sized birds before they were killed by a stray dog we’d decided to take in.  That was my only previous experience with raisingContinue reading “The Year of Chickens”

Daryl, Daryl, and the Coop

I grew up with dogs and cats.  All of these donkeys, chickens, and goats are a new experience for me.  I’ve been thrust into this novel lifestyle and am learning the steps that are necessary for the care of all these critters a little bit at a time.  Through this, I’ve picked up on theirContinue reading “Daryl, Daryl, and the Coop”

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